Corporate Resource Support

Cllr N. Mokoto MMC:
Corporate Resource Support

departmental purpose

Provide Administrative Support Services to the Council of Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality, its Committees and Office bearers including the Internal Departments.

We further give support to the Local Municipalities in the NMMDM in relation to a range of corporate support services including legal services, development of by-laws and policies, disciplinary issues, HR services, etc.

Senior Manager: Corporate Resource Support

key performance areas of labour relations unit
  • Training and advocacy
  • Dispute management and conflict resolution
  • Manage Relations with trade unions and employees
  • Manage Relations with internal and external stakeholders
  • Manage Communication and collective bargaining
  • Manage Industrial action on behalf of the employer
  • Change management.
  • Co-ordinates and controls procedures and research sequences associated with Disciplinary and Grievance cases.
Objectives Lead by the Department
  • Promote sound labour relations management within the Municipality.
  • Provide employees with a quick and easy access for the lodging and application of discipline and grievances.
  • Ensure that discipline is applied in a prompt, fair and consistent manner.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of SALGBC code of conduct for the Municipal employees.
  • Advocate fair and equal treatment of all employees.
The department has clearly set out its aims for the Financial year 2012/2013 to focus onto the:
  • Rationalization of all municipal by-laws
  • Developing internal control measures
  • Improving case management systems
  • Address staff challenges and training needs
  • Strategies for aligning legal services with IDP objectives and requirements to address challenges within the organization
The nmmdm legal services unit:
  • Provides legal support to the Council, management and staff in the discharge of their responsibilities generally
  • Assists in the provision of legal advice and in the formulation of by-laws, policies and procedures to ensure that the municipality complies with all relevant legislation as well as its constitutional mandate
  • Provides a vibrant, effective and professional legal services to the Ngaka Modiri Molema District  Municipality
  • Co-operates with other spheres of government in developing sound working relations and minimizes areas of dispute or potential disputes in the legal context.
  • Enhances organizational efficiency by establishing a corporate governance compliant environment that enables the municipality to achieve its objectives.
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The Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipalty Legal Service Unit is able to perform its functions successfully through providing the following services:
  • Preparation and submission of general and specialist legal opinions to Council, management and staff
  • Identifying and researching legislation that has relevance to the municipality in order to keep abreast of developments through the use of applicable legislative and related instruments/tools
  • Assist in the drafting of council by-laws, policies and procedures
  • Reviewing and assisting in the drafting of contracts, acknowledgements of debt, resolutions, declarations, etc
  • Reviewing and assisting in the drafting of by-laws to ensure compliance with constitutional and other legislative requirements
  • Processing and preparation of by-laws for publication
  • Monitoring ongoing litigation by and against council and coordinating interaction between directorates and external legal practitioners engaged by Council

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