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Project Management Unit


As part of continuous improvement of PMU mission, the following standards will always define the Unit’s core function, as opposed to other departments:

  1. To achieve 100% of annual budget expenditure on Grants for capital projects, by end June 2012
  2. Maximise poverty alleviation  efforts through job creation during project implementation, per Local Municipality per design
  3. Improve standards of living of beneficiaries through the implementation of sanitation, roads & water projects on IDP targeted areas
  4. Improve the quality of life of indigent household by adhering to RDP standards prescribed by The Department of Water Affairs, in the delivering of water and sanitation infrastructure in the district areas
  5. Embrace integrated planning as a sound basis for project identification throughout implementation of PMU projects at Local Municipality level
  6. Skills transfer to targeted communities during implementation of infrastructure projects by PMU

The operational magnitude of PMU workload is determined by the size of available budget and the density of infrastructure backlogs prioritised by the IDP process, at Local Municipality levels. The Unit operates on zero based budget ethos.

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