Project Management Unit

Cllr. Mpumelelo Sedia:

departmental purpose

PMU strives to eliminate service delivery backlogs and contribute positively to sustainable economic development of the District Municipality through the provision of infrastructure

Mr. Wonder Sehole:
Senior Manager Project Management Unit

Functions of the Unit

As part of continuous improvement of PMU mission, the following standards will always define the Unit’s core function, as opposed to other departments:

    1. To achieve 100% of annual budget expenditure on Grants for capital projects, by end June 2012
    2. Maximise poverty alleviation  efforts through job creation during project implementation, per Local Municipality per design
    3. Improve standards of living of beneficiaries through the implementation of sanitation, roads & water projects on IDP targeted areas
    4. Improve the quality of life of indigent household by adhering to RDP standards prescribed by The Department of Water Affairs, in the delivering of water and sanitation infrastructure in the district areas
    5. Embrace integrated planning as a sound basis for project identification throughout implementation of PMU projects at Local Municipality level
    6. Skills transfer to targeted communities during implementation of infrastructure projects by PMU

    The operational magnitude of PMU workload is determined by the size of available budget and the density of infrastructure backlogs prioritised by the IDP process, at Local Municipality levels. The Unit operates on zero based budget ethos.


OBJECTIVES (PMU Strategic thrusts)

The NMMDM strategic perspective with regard to NMMDM Objective: To Ensure sound district physical infrastructure .and “Infrastructure development” as reference to the Project Management Unit. It is under this mandate that the PMU performs its functions. Thus the Unit is strategically located within the ambit of the key value drivers for infrastructure service delivery in the district municipality.

The District Municipality’s targeted objectives are then translated into annual targets for PMU core operations, which are premised on the following measures under the current implementation programme:

      • Implement 95% of planned infrastructure development projects targeted under IDP process.
      • Submit business case for resourcing projects in all cited cases, to ensure 100% grant utilisation
      • Apply project management regime at 100% on all project schedules
      • Ensure risk mitigation plan is at 85% corrective action plans implemented, to lessen audit findings in projects under PMU implementation.
      • Lead and coordinate the comprehensive infrastructure development planning, to complement Local Economic Development of the District areas and enhance the quality of life of the most indigent residents by applying RDP standards at design of service delivery projects.
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Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality (NMMDM), is predominantly a rural district municipality, and it is highly represented in the water and sanitation sectors as it is a Water Services Authority (WSA) to five Local Municipalities in its area of jurisdiction, which are Tswaing; Ratlou; Ramotshere Moiloa; Mafikeng and Ditsobotla Local Municipalities. All service delivery capital projects are carried out by the Project Management Unit (PMU). This is a key department with regard to service delivery project implementation.
It is responsible for::

      • Project identification
      • Project facilitation (funding, monitoring & evaluation)
      •  Project implementation
      • As well as project accounting to the grant(s) institutions
      • And reporting to all PMU stakeholders


The projects are mainly focused on providing water and sanitation services across all five Local Municipalities, which includes Bulk Water Supply projects and Waste Water Treatment Plants augmentation programmes, in accordance with the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) backlogs, cited by the District Municipality in conjunction with the Local Municipalities in its jurisdiction. These are projects that have an overwhelming impact, not only on households in the affected areas, but they also create positive economic spinoffs in the local economies.

Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality faces challenges in their quest to accelerated service delivery on a daily basis. The first challenge deals with project cost recovery. The population within the district earns below the normal living wage, this makes it difficult to recover money spent on projects. The illegal connections to services rendered are also on the rise as the influx of people moving from areas with no services to areas of basic services. The second challenge deals with project costing. Projects in the rural areas are significantly more expensive than those implemented in urban areas. Village sizes and remoteness make it almost impossible to achieve economies of scale on these projects


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