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Solution for Itsoseng for Verdwaal communities

Solution for Itsoseng for Verdwaal communities

The two adjacent townships of Ditsobotla Local Municipality which is Itsoseng and Verdwaal has recently experienced unrest citing amongst others that Verdwaal residents were denying Itsoseng residence employment opportunities in the new Road Construction project thus the Itsoseng residents retaliated by refusing Verdwaal children entry to schools situated in Itsoseng.

Executive Mayor of Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality, Cllr Tshepo Justice Makolomakwa intervened on the situation, accompanied by Members of the Provincial Executive Council, Hon. Sello Lehari for Department of Education and Sports together with Hon. Mpho Motlhabane for the Department of Community Safety to remedy the situation and responded to the demands of community members.

Build-up of tension and contrasts of opinions saw the residents burning houses and vehicles of two local councillors in the Itsoseng Township. The Executive Mayor Cllr Tshepo Makolomakwa went to the area to call for calm amongst the residents and condemned all arson and damage to properties that took place. 
ìThere are reasonable ways to find solutions to problems that we face, there are proper channels to use to voice out grievancesî, he said.

At the community meeting held to resolve these issues, MEC Sello Lehari and MEC Mpho Motlhabane insisted that safety of the learners must come first, inclusion of learners in community scuffles should by all means avoided. 

The engagement resolved that children must go back to school and proposed that the Department of Education should ensure that a new school is built in the Verdwaal area. As the meeting concluded both the Provincial Departments and Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality committed that bicycles for learners as a mode of transport to attend school will be on top of the priority list.   

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